Are pests bad for business?
Common pests found around London – such as mice, rats, cockroaches and flies are known to spread diseases such as:

  • E. coli
  • Leptospirosis/Weils
  • Salmonella
  • Tuberculosis
This is why Pest Control is very important in any work environment. Hence why we specialise in Office, restaurant and hotel pest control.

Do I need pest control? 
London is full of pests, all types of shapes and sizes.
Just because you have not seen them, does not mean they are not there!!
Be Proactive not reactive.

Where and How?
In offices pests usually hide under raised/false floors and walls- as it’s warm, quiet and out of reach.
Mice, rats and cockroaches are nocturnal (come out at night) to find food sources.
So by the time a cockroach or a mouse has been spotted in an office it’s already an established infestation.
“proactive pest control” is the only way to stay ahead.

What’s the worst that can happen to a business such as a restaurant/hotel if they have pests?
  • The worst we have seen is Environmental Health Office (EHO) shut the business down for 2 week.
  • Court case and a fine followed.
  • On top of bad publicity/reputation damage.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Loss of staff.
  • Business barely managed to continue trading.

Is it worth the risk? Absolutely not! 
Contact us, we will build a site specific treatment plan just for you.

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Did you know? 

German cockroaches in restaurants, offices and hotels are usually brought in?!
This can be through people carrying them and/or deliveries.

Oriental cockroaches – In central London mainly come through the sewage system.
Changes in water levels causes an increase in sightings.

Common house fly – these are found everywhere! They regurgitate onto the food to spread “digestive enzymes” – stomp it in and then feed on it!

Mice – they do not grow into rats! They actually do not share an environment.
If you see mice or rats anywhere near your premises take immediate action. They multiply rapidly.
Absolutely love bin rooms of restaurants, hotels and offices.

Bedbugs – the worst enemy of the hotel industry.
These are usually brought in by guests and p unnoticed in hotel rooms for months! Staff must be trained to spot the signs early on.